Last week I was able to be a speaker at a local tech conference in Fayetteville, AR, called TechFest NWA. For the past few years I've had a goal I really wanted to accomplish of being a speaker at a conference and I was finally able to realize that goal. And on iOS to boot! Overall, it was pretty awesome!

I've given tons of "talks" and classroom type trainings for large groups but this was my first conference and it felt somehow different. I was pretty nervous for some reason. I guess maybe because I was speaking to professional peers? With teaching students you know they don't have any idea what you're talking about but at a tech conference I felt like I might be more harshly judged. But once I started talking it all went smoothly and turned out great! I think I could have put some more time into my talk and it could have been better -- of course I am a master procrastinator. :( But it turned out alright. I'm excited for my next opportunity to be a speaker at another conference. Maybe I'll be less nervous next time. However... probably not!

Here are the slides I made for the session. Hope you enjoy!