• Automate your AWS Resources with CloudFormation

    17 Sep 2016

    Reposted from my company blog at Lofty Labs on 20 September 2016 Amazon Web Services provides every resource you could possibly need to run a distributed web architecture at any scale. AWS is home to everything from a few of our clients who are only running a few servers, to Netflix who runs thousands of servers delivering content to millions of customers, and everything in between.

  • The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming

    28 Sep 2013

    Yesterday I found this great post on being a Senior Engineer and one of the best portions, of what was an outstanding albeit very long post that you should also read, was this list of Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming. The writer was making the case that there’s a lot more to being a Senior Engineer than just knowing all of the APIs by memory. He introduces the term “Mature Engineer” rather than Senior Engineer; meaning there are a lot of interpersonal, communication, and intangible skills that you gather only through a long stream of real world experience managing projects and people rather than expertise on a language or codebase.

  • Automate All The Things: Continuous Integration and Deployment at RevUnit

    28 Sep 2013

    We are strong believers in the agile method of software development. We break down key features into user stories, do sprint planning, track velocity, unit and integration testing; all that good stuff. But we’ve had a few key pillars of agile development missing for a while and we recently rectified that.

  • Good Commit Messages And Enforcing Them With Git Hooks

    05 Jun 2013

    Git provides a very valuable feature that many developers seem to either overlook or blatantly not care about; it enables you to add distinct sections to a commit message. Specifically, it allows you to add a short summary for the commit and a long and detailed body.

  • Hiding Your Desktop Icons For A Presentation On OS X

    25 May 2013

    You know when your house is really dirty and you avoid having people come over until you get it clean? I often feel the same way when I’m using my machine and I need to show someone something. A lot of the time my desktop is a complete disaster. I go through cycles really. It gets dirtier and dirtier for a few weeks and then once a month or so I do a deep clean and clear it all out. And then restart the process.

  • How In The Hell Do I Test A Facebook App From localhost?

    15 May 2013

    So no shit, there you are, building a web app that is using the Facebook SDK/API. You’ve followed all the integration tutorials. You’ve got all the code in place. You’re ready to go. You fire up the Sidekiq and your Rails server with Foreman, and you finally click on your pretty little Facebook login button. And then…

  • Redirecting to your app from Mobile Safari. And failing gracefully.

    14 May 2013

    It’s been too many months since the last blog. And I really mean to start it up regularly again. Today I finally had a topic that popped up that I could easily write a quick post about and I’m hoping that getting a post out will get the ball rolling and I can get back into the groove of blogging again. Today I needed to have a mobile website have a link to the native app on the iPhone. IF they have it installed. This proved to be a bigger pain in the ass than you’d think.

  • Mediocrity. Hell.

    24 Dec 2012

    Warning: This is a pretty personal post. Staying up too late with too much wine and too much self doubt led to this existential crisis. Writing blog posts when you’re alone at 3am after nearly 2 bottles of wine can make you question your life.

  • [Talk] Objective-C For Web Developers

    28 Aug 2012

    Last week I was able to be a speaker at a local tech conference in Fayetteville, AR, called TechFest NWA. For the past few years I've had a goal I really wanted to accomplish of being a speaker at a conference and I was finally able to realize that goal. And on iOS to boot! Overall, it was pretty awesome!

  • I finally rewrote my resume. In LaTeX.

    28 Aug 2012

    I had been needing to rewrite my resume for a while. I've always had it in a doc file of course but I wanted to be super nerd-o and update it in LaTeX. And here it is!