• Well, I Just Submitted My First Abstract To Speak At A Conference

    09 Aug 2012

    Putting the game face on. And just doing it. I’ve been on the fence for weeks now…. but I quickly filled out the forms to speak at NWA Techfest before I could change my mind!

  • Spotify Sleep Timer Using AppleScript

    29 Jul 2012

    Like most of the technology addicted masses, I sleep with my Macbook Pro either on, near or around my bed. I can quickly check emails or IMs that come in or just generally waste my life away and prevent myself from going to sleep, but I can't help it. That's why it's called an addiction. It also allows me to take advantage of some apps while sleeping.

  • iOS Lessons Learned // Strong References To Self In Blocks are a No-No

    05 May 2012

    I've just started the leg of my professional career involving iOS. I've been a registered iOS developer since the iPhone developer program was created and I've been tinkering with things since then, but now I am employed as an iOS developer. I can officially say that my profession is 'iOS Developer'.

  • Deploying Jekyll With Git

    08 Apr 2012

    My very first tech blog on my own personal site! We’ll see what comes of this. I have a bit of a problem on focusing on things and sticking to it, but I’m going to do my best to keep a semi-sort-of-regular-kind-of-occasional routine of tech blogs going.